Ross Windsham Chiropractor – Total Health Brookvale

Chiropractor - B.Sc.Chiro., M.Chiro., C.Acup
Director - Total Health Brookvale

Ross-Windsham-Chiropractor Ross Windsham Chiropractor - Total Health Brookvale


  • Chiropractic Family Care

  • Sports Injuries

  • Acute and Chronic Conditions

  • Acupuncture

  •  DVA and Workcover Approved

  •  Private Health Fund Claimable


Educated at Macquarie University in Sydney (NSW), Ross has a three year Bachelor of Chiropractic Science degree followed by a two year Master of Chiropractic.  In addition, Ross also practices musculoskeletal acupuncture which allows him to complement his chiropractic treatments for optimum results.
Ross is used to seeing patients of a wide range of ages as well as acute and chronic long term conditions.  He focuses on patient education to help them understand their presenting complaints, the underlying cause and how the patient can play an active role in improving their wellbeing, in order to help restore optimal neurological and biomechanical function to patients.
Actively involved in local rugby clubs, Ross has a keen interest in sports injury treatment alongside assisting all age groups in overcoming chronic back conditions that cause unnecessary suffering.
Ross continues to further his professional development and knowledge with other practitioners and will often work in conjunction with them in order to assist with the patient’s care and management.
Having lived on the Northern Beaches since the 1980′s, Ross maintains strong ties with the community and professional relationships with other healthcare providers. His long term relationships ensure patients receive well balanced healthcare and any necessary assistance for their needs.
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