* Kids Chiropractic

Does my child need to see a chiropractor?

The health of your children depends largely on the health of their nervous system.  A child’s developing spine protects their nervous system, which coordinates every process between the mind and body.  If a joint in your child’s spine isn’t moving and working properly, their nerve supply can be interrupted, think of a kink in a hose, this then affects many things like their immunity, muscle and joint function, bowel and bladder function, and the ability to reach developmental milestones at appropriate ages. All of which left untreated can cause pain and discomfort leading  irritability, breastfeeding difficulties, headaches, growing pains and many more symptoms.

Chiropractic normalises spinal and cranial bone motion allowing the nervous system to function properly.

In fact extensive clinical experience supported by an ever increasing amount of scientific research has shown that a wide range of childhood symptoms may respond favourably to chiropractic treatment. These include migraines, arm and leg pain, headaches, poor co-ordination, sleeping problems, irritability, back pain, scoliosis and poor posture.