* Kids Chiro at Total Health

What to expect when you take your baby or child to see a chiropractor at Total Health

baby_chiropractic4-300x199 * Kids Chiro at Total HealthTotal Health Brookvale Chiropractors see many newborns for thorough evaluations very soon after birth, frequently brought by parents who are already chiropractic patients themselves or have been referred by family or friends.
Total Health Brookvale Chiropractors are interested in your child’s total health and well being and therefore they may ask you specific detailed questions about your child’s health history. This may include questions about previous illnesses, accidents or even questions about your child’s birth. The answer to these questions can give your chiropractor vital clues to the source of your child’s problems.

Your Total Health Chiropractor will then perform a physical examination including a detailed spinal examination.  This may include a postural examination where they look for postural clues such as head tilt, shoulder tilt, pelvic imbalance, a turned in or turned out foot, sideways deviation of the spine or scoliosis or perhaps an increased curve in the lower back.  The presence of one or more of these postural deviations may indicate underlying spinal problems. Relevant orthopaedic and neurological tests may also be necessary depending upon the child.  For young babies primitive reflexes are a great indicator of how well your child’s nervous system is operating, Dr Ross and Dr Wendy always do a thorough examination of each baby’s reflexes according to their appropriate age.

Once all the information from these examinations has been correlated your Chiropractor will go through with you what is the best management program for your child. This may involve postural advice, dietary changes, home exercises for you to do with your baby or child, feeding advice, maybe a heel lift or orthotics could be suggested. The management program may include any or all of these but it will nearly always involve the Chiropractor making subtle adjustments to your child’s spine.

A chiropractic spinal check-up can ensure a healthier baby, one with higher resistance to disease and a healthier nervous system.

We can check your child’s spine today to make sure your child is in great shape!