* Chiropractic Safe for Infants

Chiropractic adjustments are they safe for infants?

baby_chiropractic-199x300 * Chiropractic Safe for InfantsFor parents who have had little experience in visiting a chiropractor one of their primary concerns is to understand how safe it is for their children. The good news is chiropractic adjustments are a very safe, gentle and effective form of therapy for infants. Each adjustment is specifically tailored to the child’s age, size and unique spinal problem.

Chiropractic adjustments for infants and children differ significantly from those performed on adults. The amount of force needed to restore balance to an infant’s spine is usually no more pressure than an adult can tolerate on the eyeball.

Chiropractic adjustments for babies and young infants involve primarily specific cranial massaging techniques and finger pressure on specific spinal segments. Adjustments like in adults where you hear the ‘cracking’ noise are very rarely used in young children.

Most children enjoy the experience and look forward to their chiropractic adjustment.

How often does my child need chiropractic adjustments?

Providing problems are not left too long, babies and children tend to respond more quickly than adults. Newborns in particular, don’t have the layers of postural compensations arising when a problem has been tolerated too long. They usually adapt and heal more rapidly allowing the benefits of chiropractic care to occur at a faster rate.

Beyond this first year, spinal growth and development continues right through until the mid 20′s when development of the vertebrae in the lumbar spine is fully completed. Regular chiropractic check-ups during these growing years is of vital importance to ensure the many stresses of daily living, such as poor posture, knocks, falls, carrying schoolbags, sporting incidents etc are not causing spinal problems which may otherwise go unnoticed simply because there are no obvious symptoms.

Dr Wendy Froyland recommends school age children (with no major symptoms), to get their spines checked four times a year. Every school holidays is a good reminder!

Just as you don’t wait until your children complain of toothache before taking them to a dentist, don’t wait until they complain of backache before having their spines checked.